A Tribute to Sam Farber

Sam Farber was a man who got things done. When he saw something that could be improved on, he would start a company and solve the problem. A Harvard graduate and a WWII Army Air Force veteran, his business ventures began in 1960 when he founded Copco, a housewares company known [...]

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Visionary Tattoo

Bound to a limited visual lexicon for over a century, tattooing has sprung free in the new millennium, liberated by artists who combine fresh concepts, holistic design, and masterful technique in thrillingly original styles. They draw inspiration from historical genres spanning Pointillism, Expressionism, [...]

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Martin Thompson

Martin Thompson, with his matted beard and long hair, was a well-recognized character in the neighborhood of upper Cuba Street in Wellington, New Zealand. The area, once known for its Victorian shops and villas, is now run-down and desolate as a result of being zoned a motorway. Nevertheless, it has served [...]

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Schützenhöfer’s Smile

Untitled, 2010, pencil and color pencil, 20 x 28 in. The Gugging House of Artists was founded when psychiatrist Leo Navratil began to notice an unexpected high-quality of art being produced through diagnostic drawing tests and decided to open a residential house for mentally-ill artists in Gugging, Austria near [...]

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The Geography of Loss

A recent recipient of a Lannan literary fellowship, Reuter is curating the “My Dakota” exhibition at NDMOA from the much praised book by Ricco/Maresca artist, Rebecca Norris Webb. My Dakota — a photographic elegy for Norris Webb’s brother and her home state of South Dakota [...]

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Floating Bodies: Q&A with Marcos Bontempo

Artist MARCOS BONTEMPO lives in Ronda, a city in Andalucia, known for its spectacular landscapes and rich history. The city’s raw energy and inescapable beauty leaves no one indifferent. Because of the force of these surroundings, Bontempo’s personality and work cannot be separated. In essence, they have become “one.” [...]

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In 1982, Roger Ricco visited and filmed the painting studio of William Hawkins in Columbus, Ohio. William Hawkins was born in Kentucky on July 27,1895; his big block letter signature [...]

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Very few artists have done more to define and transcend the parameters of Outsider Art than Henry Darger. Admittance into important public and private collections paralleled by soaring market values, has made him one of the eminent American self-taught figures of the 20th century. Along with this [...]

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Those are the questions that have long intrigued admirers of the skillfully composed, mixed-media works on paper of the Mexican-born self-taught artist, whose life story has become something of a legend in outsider art’s still-unfolding history, and who has earned a secure place in the field’s [...]

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A studio visit with New York-based artist Alice Hope may be one of the most consummate experiences one can have when exploring the inner workings of the contemporary art world. Upon entering, it is immediately apparent that any commonplace materials like paint and canvas do not exist in this space. [...]

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