Very few artists have done more to define and transcend the parameters of Outsider Art than Henry Darger. Admittance into important public and private collections paralleled by soaring market values, has made him one of the eminent American self-taught figures of the 20th century. Along with this [...]

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Those are the questions that have long intrigued admirers of the skillfully composed, mixed-media works on paper of the Mexican-born self-taught artist, whose life story has become something of a legend in outsider art’s still-unfolding history, and who has earned a secure place in the field’s [...]

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A studio visit with New York-based artist Alice Hope may be one of the most consummate experiences one can have when exploring the inner workings of the contemporary art world. Upon entering, it is immediately apparent that any commonplace materials like paint and canvas do not exist in this space. [...]

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Raw Erotica: Sex, Lust & Desire In Outsider Art

Why then in evoking your memory do I vibrate like a bell announcing the nuptials of angels? Slowly dying of an ineffable love inspired in me by your splendid gaze met by chance at the Potsdam encounter in 1913. You were sparkling from head to toe, deified by the sublime beaming of your dear face. [...]

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