Frank Maresca on Collecting Outsider Art by Nessia Pope December 17, 2012 Frank Maresca, co-founder of Ricco/Maresca Gallery In the late 1940s the French artist Jean Dubuffet identified a historically overlooked [...]

Expiration Date:
Art F City

Expiration Date by Michael Anthony Farley March 8, 2016 - A staggeringly diverse collection of “Momento Mori” objects, from a mid-19th Century New Mexican “Penitente” figure to contemporary photography, that reminds us death [...]

Hatched in Prison:

A Stunning 20-Year Prison Diary Etched Into Ostrich Eggs by Kristin Hohenadel November 4, 2015 – San Francisco native Gil Batle spent 20 years in five different California prisons for fraud [...]

Ken Grimes:
The Paris Review

Text Messages by Dan Piepenbring June 24, 2015 – Like Richard Sharpe Shaver, a midcentury sci-fi writer who believed that an ancient civilization had embossed its complex history into “rock books,” [...]

Ken Grimes:
Brut Force

Aliens and Art: A Fascination Beyond Coincidence by Stephanie Lowe May 21, 2015 – Starting Art. “About the first artistic influence or ability was in a prekindergarten. There was a [...]

Martín Ramírez:

New ‘Forever’ Stamps Honor Mexican-American Outsider Artist by Jane Levere March 25, 2015 – The United States Postal Service will dedicate five commemorative “forever” stamps March 26 honoring the outsider artist Martin Ramirez [...]

Martín Ramírez:
Artnet News

Outsider Artist Martín Ramírez Gets USPS Stamps, Ricco/Maresca Solo Show by Sarah Cascone March 23, 2015 – Self-taught Mexican-American artist Martín Ramírez (1895–1963) is being doubly honored this month: the [...]

Martín Ramírez:
Art News

THE POSTAL SERVICE IS PRINTING MARTÍN RAMÍREZ STAMPS by Andrew Russeth March 23, 2015 – This has to be the finest news I’ve heard in weeks: the United States Postal Service has announced [...]

Martín Ramírez:

10 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before March 30 by Nate Freeman March 23, 2015 – Opening: “Martin Ramirez: Forever” at Ricco/Maresca An outsider artist who died unknown in a [...]

Martín Ramírez:

New Postage Stamps Recognize The Genius Of Martín Ramírez by Jon Kalish March 29, 2015 – The U.S. Postal Service has just unveiled five new stamps depicting the paintings and drawings of [...]

Bastienne Schmidt:
Art + Auction

NEW YORK PERIPATETIC PURSUIT In her previous body of work, “Home Stills,” 2011, multimedia artist Bastienne Schmidt explored femininity and gender roles in the domestic sphere, using herself as a stand-in for [...]

Dan Miller:
Whitewall magazine

Dan Miller’s Energetic and Repetitive Paintings by Kristin Sancken November 17, 2014 – Visual artist Dan Miller has emerged as the poster child for artists dealing with adversity. Diagnosed with autism, [...]

Body Electric:
New York Observer

Skin Trade: The ‘Body Electric’ Showcases Tattoo Art So what is the “Tattoo Window of Regret?” by Christopher Murray 10/07/2014 – Getting your current squeeze’s name needled into your butt when you’ve [...]

Revisiting Ramírez:
Art Brut

Revisiting Ramírez by Edward M. Gómez Now that the legendary Mexican outsider’s “last works” have surfaced, and better-informed research about his life has been published, new ways of appreciating his achievements [...]

Body Electric:

Electric Ink at Ricco Maresca Gallery By Jamie Martinez Septemeber 25, 2014 – Our final stop for the evening was Body Electric curated by Margot Mifflin at Ricco Maresca Gallery. This [...]

George Widener:

Savant George Widener Makes Art For Robots… But You’d Better See His Berlin Exhibit Even If You’re Human Jonathon Keats, Contributor In the small world of contemporary art, George Widener has [...]

William Hawkins:
Time Out New York

“William Hawkins: Architectural Paintings” A self-taught artist captures grandeur in architectural themes What’s in a name? For William Hawkins, who invariably signed his work in bold letters, WILLIAM L. HAWKINS, BORN [...]

Frank Maresca:
American Fine Art

Collector, Gallerist, Champion of the Arts, Talking with Frank Maresca American Fine Arts – 2012 “Frank Maresca studied at New Yorks fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Pace University with the intent [...]

Martín Ramírez:
Time Out New York

Martín Ramírez, “Landscapes,” Late works by the outsider-art master surface in Chelsea Time Out New York – 2012 “The life of outsider artist Martín Ramírez (1895–1963) was characterized by disunion. In 1925, [...]

Martín Ramírez:
Art in America

Martín Ramírez: Narratives of Displacement and Memory Art in America – 2007 “Martín Ramírez’s marvelously expressive and formally inventive drawings of horseback riders, animals, landscapes, trains and tunnels, as well as the Madonna [...]

Martín Ramírez:
Folk Art

Martín Ramírez, The Last Works Folk Art – 2008 “In January 2007, after several years of research and development, the American Folk Art Museum mounted a major retrospective of the Mexican American [...]

William Hawkins:
Folk Art

William Hawkins and the Art of Astonishment Folk Art “William Hawkins painted the world and its wonders. His universe was inhabited by grinning Tasmanian tigers, red-eyes rhinos, spotted turquoise cheetahs, and other exotic [...]

Frederick Sommer:

Frederick Sommer: Choice and chance structure art and nature cityArts – 2011 “‘Where a thing is, is more important than what it is.’ This undated quote by the artist Frederick Sommer sums [...]

Hiroyuki Doi:
Lindsay Pollock

Hiroyuki Doi’s Circular Obsession Lindsay Pollock Art Market Views – 2011 “Japanese artist Hiroyuki Doi, 64, sporting Jackie O sunglasses and a mischievous smile, spoke this past Saturday afternoon about the death [...]

Slota + LaBute:

Because the Darkness Feeds My Soul, Photographs by Gerald Slota, Words by Neil LaBute Aperture – 2010 “I wouldn’t want to meet Gerald Slota in a dark alley—probably not even [...]

Sip the Kool-Aid:

Sip the Kool-Aid ARTnews – 2009 “This was a tightly focused survey of works by five of the most emblematic artists of the self-taught or outsider-art field: James Castle, Thornton Dial, Martín [...]