Ricco/Maresca Gallery has published a number of books that are integral to the world’s library of resources on Self-Taught, Outsider, Folk art. Our first book, “American Primitive: Discoveries in Folk Sculpture” (Alfred A. Knopf, 1988) brought public awareness to often overlooked vernacular artworks of exceptional merit. Since then, our collection of publications has grown to include a comprehensive review of the most significant artists in the history of Self-Taught art. We continue to emphasize our educational efforts by showcasing both prominent artists and new discoveries. Additionally, in recent years our program has expanded to include catalogues and publications on the work of several contemporary artists.

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Black Dolls

BLACK DOLLS From the Collection of Deborah Neff Published by Radius Books/Mingei International Museum, San Diego, CA Edited by Frank Maresca Text by Margo Jefferson, Faith Ringgold, and Lyle Rexer Photographs [...]

Memory City

Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb: Memory City Rebecca Norris Webb and Alex Webb June 30, 2014 172 pages, $60.00 Radius Books Located in Rochester, New York, Eastman Kodak was one [...]

Martín Ramírez

Martín Ramírez : Reframing Confinement Museo Nacional Centre de Arte: Reina Sofia With text and essays by Lynne Cook, Brooke Davis Anderson, Victor M. Espinosa and James Lawrence 200 pages, $49.95 [...]

Hiroyuki Doi

Hiroyuki Doi With essay by Edward M. Gomez 26 pages, hard bound, $25 8.25 x 10 inches Ricco/Maresca, 2010 The Japanese self-taught artist, Hiroyuki Doi, who was born in Nagoya in [...]

Now Is Then

Now Is Then: Snapshots from the Maresca Collection Marvin Heiferman 192 pages, $29.95 Princeton Architectural Press/The Newark Museum, 2008 With the press of a button, a picture is taken. In an [...]

The Art of George Widener

THE ART OF GEORGE WIDENER Essays by Colin Rhodes and Roger Cardinal 80 pages, $20 Henry Boxer Gallery, London, England, 2009 This is the first book about the savant artist, George [...]

Martín Ramírez : The Last Works

Martín Ramírez : The Last Works Essays by Brooke Davis Anderson, Richard Rodriquez, and Wayne Thiebaud 160 pages, $39.95 136 full-color illustrations Pomegranate, 2008 Considered one of the self-taught masters of twentieth-century [...]

The Glass Between Us

The Glass Between Us Rebecca Norris Webb 98 pages, $39.95 Channel Photographics, 2006 The Glass Between Us is a photo exploration of the complex and vulnerable relationship that exists between people [...]

Nijinsky: A Dance with Madness

Nijinsky: A Dance with Madness, The Paintings of Vaslav Nijinski 41 Pages 21 Color Reproductions Ricco/Maresca, 2006 “Since its publication in 1936, the diary of Vaslav Nijinsky has been treated as [...]

American Vernacular

American Vernacular: New Discoveries in Folk, Self Taught, and Outsider Sculpture Introduction by Margit Rowell 425 full color photographs, $75 Bulfinch Press; Little, Brown and Co., 2002 The rise of interest in [...]

The Intuitive Eye

The Intuitive Eye: The Mendelsohn Collection Gael Mendelsohn and Michael Mendelsohn 91 pages FotoFolio, 2000 The Intuitive Eye: The Mendolsohn Collection is an extraordinary exhibition catalog capturing images of the world famous [...]

Self-Taught Outsider Art Brut

Self-Taught Outsider Art Brut: Masterpieces From the Robert M. Greenberg Collection Lyle Rexer Ricco/Maresca, 1998 Robert M. Greenberg has been working in public media for over thirty years. His collection of self-taught [...]

American Primitive

American Primitive: Discoveries in Folk Sculpture Roger Ricco and Frank Maresca with Julia Weissman 283 pages out of print Alfred A. Knopf, 1988 “The authors, dealers and collectors of American self-taught and [...]

American Self-Taught

American Self-Taught: Paintings and Drawings by Outsider Artists Frank Maresca and Roger Ricco Forward by Lanford Wilson 292 Pages $75 Alfred A. Knopf, 1993 One hundred American self-taught painters of the twentieth [...]

Right Here Right Now

Donald Mitchell – Right Here Right Now Cheryl Rivers 92 pages, $24.99 Creative Growth Center, 2004 With contributions by Frank Maresca This monograph of essays explores the fascinating artwork of Creative Growth [...]

Thornton Dial: His Spoken Dreams

Thornton Dial: His Spoken Dreams Introduction by Thomas McEvilley 14 color plates, $20 Ricco/Maresca, 1998 Born in poverty in Alabama, Thornton Dial has lived his entire life in the American South. His [...]

William Hawkins: Paintings

William Hawkins: Paintings Frank Maresca and Roger Ricco Forward by Gary Schwindler 121 color plates, $45 William Hawkins: Paintings is the first book, with 121 reproductions of paintings by this brilliant twentieth-century [...]


Metamorphosis: The Fiber Art of Judith Scott By John M. MacGregor 183 pages, $45 56 color plates Creative Growth Art Center, 1998 Judith Scott, a woman with Down’s Syndrome, spent the last [...]

Bill Traylor: Observing Life

Bill Traylor: Observing Life Introduction by William Louis-Dreyfus 51 color plates, $30 Ricco/Maresca, 1997 Using modest materials, Bill Traylor created a visual autobiography in which he recorded events from his past, [...]

Laura Craig McNellis

LAURA CRAIG MCNELLIS: INTERNAL CONVERSATIONS Introduction by Mark van der Wahle 20 full color plates 52 pages, $20 Ricco/Maresca, 2001 Laura Craig McNellis was born in 1957 in Nashville, TN, developmentally disabled [...]

Charles A. A. Dellschau

Charles A. A. Dellschau: Aeronautical Notebooks Introduction by Lauren Redniss 41 color plates, $25 Ricco/Maresca, 1997 Charles Dellschau was a butcher by trade who, after his retirement in 1899, filled at least [...]

Ray Gun

RAY GUN Eugene W. Metcalf and Frank Maresca Photographs by Charles Bechtold 102 full color pages, $20 Fotofolio, 1999 Ray Gun is the authoritative, comprehensive and visually dazzling history of Ray guns [...]